What is Innovation-el

Innovation-el is a national research infrastructure network comprised of leading Research Institutions and Universities in Greece. Its mission is to promote scientific excellence and the development of knowledge intensive products providing open-access to top-notch research facilities to academic and industrial users. The ultimate goal of Innovation-el is to evolve to a unique regional habitat for Research, Development and Innovation activities throughout Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean Area.

We offer

an open-access large-scale distributed research infrastructure of cutting-edge facilities that covers all fronts from materials synthesis, characterization and functionalization to micro-nanofabrication, device/system design, development and testing. The network is complemented by multiscale computer simulations and theory, and is supported by more than 200 skilled scientists of long-standing expertise and interdisciplinary experience.

200+ Skilled Scientists
60 years of experience
56 tools
8 partners


IESL/FORTH Heraklion
UoI Ioannina
ElMicLab/AUTh Thessaloniki
EIM Thessaloniki


Innovation-el as part of the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures was funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of Greece, aiming at strengthening the National Research & Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization (RIS3). During the three years of the project a wide range of tools/methods will be developed by the partners to be offered as services to academic and industrial users covering all fronts from materials synthesis & growth, characterization, metrology and functionalization, computer simulations and theory to micro-nanofabrication, device/system design, development and testing, as well as relevant training sessions.

Pilot Phase
Full operational Status