Hellenic Institute of Metrology (EIM)

Hellenic institute of Metrology (EIM), National Quality Infrastructure System, Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, Block 45TK 57022 Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Hellenic Institute of Metrology (EIM) is the National Metrology Organization of Greece and the official metrology and measurements advisor of the Greek State. The responsibilities of EIM are the realization of the basic and derivative units of the International System (SI) through the use of national standards, the development of measuring methods and techniques in its electrical, mechanical and physical laboratories, the calibration of instruments and issue of calibration certificates, the performance of interlaboratory comparisons proving the technical competence of accredited laboratories in Greece. EIM also provides services of consulting character to adopt and implement ISO management systems. EIM is the representative of Greece in the international metrology organizations.

EIM provides the metrological support for the electrical/dimensional characterizations in Innovation-el by supplying the metrological requirements to the microscopy measurements of the different access points of the infrastructure. As an access site, it offers the facility of DC voltage calibrations with the Josephson voltage standard, ac-dc and ac voltage calibrations with the ac-dc transfer standard and time and frequency calibrations with the of cesium clocks system standard.