Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute (TPCI/NHRF)

Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute (TPCI), National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF), 48 Vassileos Constantinou Ave., GR11635, Athens, Greece.

TPCI is one of the three research institute of the NHRF in Athens, Greece. It pursues the advancement of scientific research in the fields of experimental, computational, and theoretical chemistry and physics; the training of young scientists in the methodology and practices of modern research; and the transfer of know-how developed in the institute into selected industrial applications through its R&D service facilities. Central to the institute’s scientific priorities is the understanding of the nature of matter and its interaction with electromagnetic radiation that would facilitate the exploitation of materials in, e.g., nanomaterials with advanced functionality, energy storage, photonics, and electrochemical applications. The experimental and theoretical activities of TPCI lie in two main research directions: Experimental Physical Chemistry - Chemical Physics and Theoretical and Computational Chemistry and Physics. The former direction focuses on Material Synthesis and Physical Chemistry and Photonics for Nanoapplications, while the latter includes areas of Computational Chemistry and Theoretical Molecular Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Condensed Matter Theory. In parallel to its scientific priorities, TPCI pursues a strategy to exploit its research results and know-how by operating the Applied Spectroscopy Lab (est. 1997), which acts as a dynamic interface between research in materials and spectroscopy at TPCI and a broad range of industrial R&D needs.

TPCI serves as an access-site within Innovation-el, offering facilities for material synthesis, growth, and processing, material and device characterization through several spectroscopic methods, laser processing of materials, and clusters for computational chemistry and physics.