HT Furnace / High temperature furnace

High temperature synthesis using a furnace in the context of Innovation-EL refers to the preparation of materials from a mixture of a number of oxides ground together to form a homogeneous powder. The mixture is then left to melt and react at appropriately high temperatures for a sufficient time within a crucible in air. Generally, this method may involve the use of controlled atmosphere (oxidizing or reducing) and is frequently used in the synthesis of glassy materials: after the starting materials have reacted, they are removed from the furnace and fast-cooled (or “quenched”) to form the glassy phase. Depending on the composition of the starting materials, crystalline phases may also form.


CARBOLITE Gero RHF-16/3 high temperature furnace


Maximum working temperature: 1600 °C.
Continuous working temperature: up to 1550 °C.
Chamber capacity: 3 lt.
Maximum power: 4500W.
Rise time to max temperature: 42 min.
Silicon carbide heating elements provide long working life and can withstand the stresses of intermittent operation.
Type-R thermocouple.
Front sample loading with manual vertical door movement keeps heated surface away from user.
Low thermal mass insulation for high energy efficiency and cast alumina hearth.
Temperature controller capable of accepting 1 programme with up to 8 segments. Computer connectivity by use of appropriate software.


Oxide glass synthesis in air

Additional Tools

Crucible types: Pt, silica, alumina

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