ICPE / Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching

Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching is one of the two major categories of the plasma etching process. In a typical ICP etcher, plasma is initiated inductively under low pressure by applying a Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic field to the substrate. Typical value of the frequency of the RF field is 13.56MHz at a value of a few hundreds of watts. An ICP system has high ionization efficiency and generates a high density plasma. As a result ICP has high etching rates and better profile control compared to a typical RIE system. Therefore ICP etchers are ideal for deep etching applications (micromachining for silicon or polymers) where a high degree of anisotropy, and fast etching are required.


Alcatel-Adixen MET system


Etching of Si (including deep etching), SiO2, Si3N4 and polymers. Modification of surfaces, surface nanotexturing, fully anisotropic to isotropic processes possible. Deposition of Teflon-like films for wetting control.


High Density Plasma Etcher with Helicon antenna operating in inductive mode

RF Frequency


RF Coil Power

0 – 2000 Watt

RF Bias Power

0 – 300 Watt (bias voltage 0 – 200V)


O2, N2, SF6, C4F8, N2, other non-corrosive, non-toxic also possible

Sample Dimensions

Maximum 4” wafer size with 3mm thickness. Smaller pieces are glued on Si wafer

Additional Information

Dr. Evangelos Gogolides , e.gogolides@inn.demokritos.gr

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