MN-FD / Metallic Nanoparticle Fabrication & Deposition in Vacuum

DC magnetron sputtering (DC MS) is widely used for the deposition of thin metal films on large areas at low substrate temperatures. Innovation-el offers access to a unique DC-MS system for the simultaneous fabrication and deposition of metallic nanoparticles and thereby, to the production of self-assembled nanoparticle films. In brief, a high purity metallic target is sputtered via Argon ions, thus producing airborne nanoparticles that soft-land on top of a deposition substrate. This is a high vacuum technique that allows control over nanoparticle size (roughly 1-10 nm) and nanoparticle density, by modifying specific fabrication parameters (i.e. target to substrate distance and deposition time respectively). Pt, Ag and Au are only some of the materials currently available. Being a room-temperature technique, a plethora of different substrate-materials other than silicon (e.g., polymers, bio-materials, etc.) can be also integrated in the fabrication process.


MANTIS Direct Current (DC) high-vacuum magnetron sputtering system


Metallic Nanoparticles

Process Parameters

Base pressure: 1x10-5 - 1×10-6 mbar
Process pressure: 1x10-5 - 9x10-5 mbar
Current: 0.1 A
Voltage: 280-320 V
Temperature: 20 – 550 oC
Ar and O2 flow rates: 1 – 100 sccm
Nanoparticle acceleration voltage: up to 4.5 kV

Substrate Size

From samples of 1x1 cm2 up to 3” wafer


Fabrication/deposition of thin metallic nanoparticle films (e.g. Pt, Ag, Au etc.) for micro/Nanoelectronic devices, including non-volatile memories, sensors and MEMS.

Additional Information

Dimitris Tsoukalas,

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