PLP / Precision Lapping & Polishing

Lapping is a mechanical process in which a hard metal rotating plate (made by cast iron) is covered with an abrasive slurry in order to remove material from a substrate. High material removal rates and good surface quality and thickness uniformity can be obtained by lapping.

According to the desired surface quality, an ultra-precision finishing process then follows, namely polishing. Wafers will go through superfinishing in order to create surfaces of small roughness even mirror-like ones. Mirror finish of a lapped/thin wafer is achieved using diamond slurries placed on a variety of different polishing clothes.


Logitech PM2A Lapper / Polisher Semiconductor Wafer Operation


Ability to provide polishing and lapping film wafer samples converted in a fast, flexible and high-quality process.

Measurement Capability

Precision Thickness Checker with 0.002mm indicator

Sample Size & Workstation

One Workstation with 3” max wafer size per running


12’’ diameter plate for lapping and various plates for polishing.
One workstation equipped with wafer holders and condition rings

Variable Speed

0 to 70 RPM

Optional Accessories

Consumables for polishing/lapping.
Automatic slurry feeder.
The plastic rolling container can take the volume of slurry up to ⁓3L for a long-time lapping.

Additional Information

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