Profilometry / Surface Stylus Profilometry

Using a stylus profilometer instrument a process engineer can perform a surface texture analysis. This way the user is able to measure the surface topography of a wafer or sample by revealing a surface topographical image. In order to perform surface scanning of a sample, the tool is equipped with a stylus. The stylus moves vertically and laterally across the surface. Vertical displacement measurement graph as a function of position is acquired during the profilometry measurement in real time as well as a final output file. The vertical measuring range varies from 10 nm up to 1 mm.


Veeco Dektak 150


Vertical topography profilometry measurement

Measurement Technique

Contact stylus profilometry

Measurement Capability

Two-dimensional surface profile measurements

Stylus Sensor

Low-Inertia Sensor (LIS 3)

Stylus Force

1 to 10mg

Sample Stage

Manual X/Y/­, 100 x 100mm X-Y translation, 360° rotation, manual leveling; optional X-Y auto stage, 150mm travel, 1µm repeatability; optional 200mm wafer vacuum chuck; optional 6-inch square porous vacuum chuck


Dektak software running under Windows® XP
Step Detection software
Stress Measurement software

Scan Length Range

55mm standard

Max. Sample Thickness

Up to 90mm

Max. Wafer Size


Vertical Range


Additional Information

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