SCN / Synthesis of Colloidal Nanocrystals

The nanochemistry facility entails exploitation of elaborate colloidal chemistry approaches (ambient and high-temperature) to harness nanoscale size and shape-guiding mechanisms that afford various kinds of functional nanocrystals (single-phase, core@shell, anisotropic, hybrid particles) with tunable response (semiconducting, metallic, magnetic etc). Multidimensional nanostructures, such as cluster-like nanoarchitectures or periodic nanoparticle superlattices could also be realized by exploiting our know-how on directed assembly methods in liquid media. User-based projects benefit from controlled requirements for nanocrystal growth under anaerobic conditions met by the offered tools (e.g. Schlenk techniques, including digital temperature control growth conditions, Ar-circulating glove-boxes) that are combined with an armory of in-house characterization methods (structural, optical, electrical, dielectric, magnetic etc.). The aim is to provide a user-oriented platform for cost-efficient, easily scaled-up fabrication of novel inorganic nanoparticles, as well as their complete understanding that facilitates their use in diverse and interdisciplinary applications, from data storage and electronics to catalysis and biomedical imaging/therapy.


Chemical hoods equipped with vacuum-inert gas lines (Schlenk type), Glove-boxes, Centrifuges, Digital temperature controlled heating mantles, Magnetic stirrer hot plates, Incubators, Analytical balances


Colloidal dispersions and dry powders of nanocrystals, or nanoparticle assembled solids (superlattices) on suitable substrates

Additional Tools

Conventional and CCD-assisted stereoscopes, KBr hydraulic press, Glass-blowing propane torch

Other Capabilities

Single and two-zone programmable furnaces (up to 1600C) for vacuum or gas-flow reactions, High-vacuum line with portable programmable furnace for CVT (cf. sublimation & degassing), Thermogravimetric analysis

Additional Information

Dr. Alexandros Lappas,

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