Time & Frequency NS / Time & Frequency National Standard

The Frequency-Time characterization is based on the Caesium atomic clock which is universally the most accurate primary standard for frequency and time. Clocks consist of an energy source, a system of stable periodic motion (regulator) and a mechanism to derive and display the time in the desired units. Caesium works as a stable regulator and during one second counts 9.192.631.770 periods of radiation. This radiation corresponds to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of caesium 133 atom. With reference to this oscillation and UTC we can characterize any system that needs frequency and time calibration. The Laboratory of Time and Frequency realizes the units of time (sec) with uncertainty 2×10-14 sec (Time Base) and frequency (Hz), range up to 1.3 GHz with uncertainty 2×10-14, through quantum phenomena. The accuracy of UTC time is 10 nsec.


TSC/HP 55700 Precision Time and Frequency System
AGILENT 5071A Cesium Primary Frequency Standard (×3)


UTC, Frequency calibration, timer calibration, time interval calibration

Sample Properties

Chronometers, Frequency Counters, Cable signal delays, frequency standards

Additional Tools

3S Navigation GNSS-300T GPS/GLONASS receiver
HP 58503B Multichannel GPS receiver
Absolute Time 100A GPS Clock receiver
FLUKE PM6681R Frequency & Time Interval Counter
Agilent 33250A Function Generator
LIDAR calibration equipment

Frequency/Time Uncertainty

2×10-14 (Time Base)

Frequency Range

up to 1.3 GHz


Temp: 23±1°C, Relative Humidity: 45-55%

Additional Information

Dr. Myrto Holiastou, holiastou@eim.gr

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